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Why Write About the Amish? By Laura Bradford

One of the questions I’m invariably asked during a reader event, is “why write about the Amish?” It’s a question I love as evident, I’m sure, by the smile I always feel creeping across my face as I prepare to give my many answers…

The child in me still stands, in awe, as a buggy goes by, my mind’s eye imagining what it would be like to actually soak up the nuances and the beauty of the world around me rather than watching it pass by in a blur.

The believer in me loves the notion of a world where the honor system works—where people can put a birdhouse or a painted milk can they’ve made on a table in their yard and trust that the person who loads it into their car will put the requested money in a box left on the same table.

The innocent in me is captivated by groups of young people, gathering together for a hymn sing as a way to get to know/hang out with one another. The volleyball games, the walks, the conversations… To me, that’s always been/is so much more appealing than hanging out online and/or meeting up at a bar.

The curios in me loves stumbling across a new facet of the Amish I may not have known before—a custom, a recipe, a favorite activity, etc. Each new glimpse into this way of life exciting me all the more.

The explorer in me loves wandering around the back roads of Amish country, finding a bench wagon parked in the driveway of that week’s hosting family, watching the children playing in the school yard, seeing little ones chasing a kitten into a barn, and waving back at a young Amish woman walking on the side of the road.

The old soul in me that has always known family is what matters most envies the way the Amish stay together whenever possible, with multiple generations often living on the same land and being proud to lead a life based on tradition.

So now I turn the question on you, dear readers… Why do you enjoy reading Amish stories?

Laura Bradford is the national bestselling author of the Amish Mysteries, a cozy mystery series set in Lancaster County. The sixth book in the series, Just Plain Murder, is now available. Her next Amish-based women’s fiction novel, A Daughter’s Truth, will release on May 28. For more information:

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One thought on “Why Write About the Amish? By Laura Bradford

  1. Dear Ms. Bradford, I agree with all you explained about why you write about the Amish. I love reading Amish novels because it makes my feel content and hopeful. I wish I had friends like them. I know everyone is different and the Amish has good people and cranky ones as well. But they have such humble manner about them.
    I have been unable to take that 1 1/2 hrs drive drive to Lancaster, Pa due to current disability. I have so many questions I’ld love to ask them. Someday I will.
    Thank You for writing these wonderful novels. Please continue.
    Pamela S

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