Why Do You Like to Read Amish Romances

Why Do You Like to Read Amish Romances? By Sarah Price

Years ago, I was told no one would ever want to read a romance book about the Amish. Then, twenty years later, I was told by a very reputable publisher that the Amish genre was dying.

Guess we proved them all wrong! šŸ˜€

Today, there are so many different books about the Amish. A lot of new names continually emerge, penning novellas and novels. But the truth is that the original authors, the ones that write about the Amish because they love and respect the culture and religion, are still the go-to reads for the genre.

Which leads me to ask the question…

Why do YOU like to read Amish romances?

I know why I like to WRITE Amish romances. The Plain lifestyle appeals to me. All of my life, I loved “old fashion” stories and movies like (cough cough) Little House on the Prairie or even Bonanza. I loved that simple way of living where God and family were so central and important.

But also the sense of community.

Today, I love the Amish because they do not promote that sense of entitlement that is so prevalent in our own society. They still put God first, but they do it in a very subtle, private way. The Amish do not evangelize nor do they preach (outside of church). They simply live God’s Word and that is their way of honoring God.

They are also very tolerant of other people who are NOT Amish. Yes, I have run into grumpy and not-so-nice Amish people. But they are truly the exception to the rule (in my experience). Overall, I have found the Amish to be very kind and caring, regardless of who they are dealing with.

Writing about the Amish helps me stay grounded. It’s a reminder of what is important and, better yet, what is NOT important. Unfortunately, not everyone in my life values the same things. While I can work hard to simplify my life, I’m often at odds with people who want nothing more than to continually better theirs as if to prove their superiority over others.

With the Amish, I have never experienced that.

I love to write about the Amish so that I can share my amazingly unique experiences with the Amish to my readers. I want to share the warmth, the love, the acceptance, and the peace. Frankly, I suspect that my readers are like me, wanting to capture the essence of the Amish culture and religion. Even if we cannot live like the Amish, we can, for just a few hours, slip into their world. On the pages of the books that we read (or write), we can attend quilting bees, canning frolics, cookie swaps, church services, weddings, even just mundane day-to-day chores. It’s an escape from reality…a reality that many of us would love to live but cannot.

So, now I turn it back to you. Why do YOU like to read about the Amish? What keeps you coming back for me?

8 thoughts on “Why Do You Like to Read Amish Romances? By Sarah Price

  1. Reading a good, genuine Amish book, like Sarah’s, take me to a place where I feel comfort and feel immersed in the plain lifestyle. I go to my “happy place”. Although I can’t become Amish, I absolutely love reading about their lives, good and bad, and love our trips to Amish Country.

  2. Your books are so beautiful, they relax me with the simple life they live.
    Love the Amish! Get nothing done but reading! Lol

  3. I too love to read about the Amish. Their life style, the way the honor God and family. Have visited many Amish communities in P, OH and MD. Have several pieces of Amish furniture in my home and admire their workmanship. Love your books, keep up the great work.

  4. I too have always been drawn to their simple ways. I feel their love of family and living self sufficiently. I have tried to adopt some of their ways in our home stead. Their ability to forgive is heart stopping.

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