Today in Lititz by Amanda Beiler

Today in Lititz by Amanda Beiler

Today is a beautiful day here in Lititz. The sun is shining, the temperatures are just about in the 60s. It’s a welcome respite from the last three days of rain.

Earlier in the day, I heard from Alejandro. He is working mostly from the condo, unable to book flights from Florida to Philadelphia. Truth be told, I’m glad for I would not want him exposing himself to crowds of people right now. And, despite my initial sadness at selling our house in Miami, I’m thrilled that he’s back at our condo. The rooftop gardens and pool will provide him with fresh air and sunlight so that he doesn’t risk going outside the building.

My only problem has been Sofia. With her birthday coming up, she’s fretting about not being able to celebrate with her friends, Amelia Lapp, and Louisa Miller. Of all things to be concerned about!

Leave it to Sofia to be more attentive to her social life than to the virus plaguing the world. I’m afraid she will need a stern lecture or two when Alejandro returns. He’s always been the more effective disciplinarian of us, most likely because he speaks to them in Spanish and knows I don’t always understand what he says. Probably better that way, I reckon.

To pass the time today, Anna and I worked with the kinner, teaching them mathematics with different colored beans. I was able to hold sweet Caleb for a while and, oh!, how I miss the sweet scent of a boppli! His skin and hair smell like lavender, one of my favorite scents. And he wore a tiny outfit that I made for Timothy when he was born three years ago. There is a sense of bittersweet joy about Caleb’s arrival for I suspect he will be the last for Anna and Jacob.

Sweet John Samuel is ten years old and rather smart about addition and substraction. His older schweister, Elizabeth—who will soon turn twelve—doesn’t care one shake about sitting and learning. Anna definitely has her hands full with that fiesty girl. Timothy just played with the beans and we had to watch him carefully to ensure he didn’t try to eat them. Fortunately, my dear Isadora dotes on kinner and kept a close eye on him while he sat on her lap.

After the younger ones went down for a nap and the older kinner helped Jacob with the afternoon chores, I managed to sneak a few minutes alone to peek at my phone. Reading the news frightens me, but I like to stay informed of what is happening in the world. I dare not share any of it with Anna or Mamm for they worry far too much. Sometimes it’s better to isolate oneself, both physically and mentally.

I’m hopeful that, in the days ahead, I will hear good news of Alejandro being able to return to us. Whenever he travels, I miss him so. His presence is always so calming to me; I know nothing will ever happen to me or the kinner when he is with us. This time, however, without him here, I feel the weight on my shoulder, trying to be strong for everyone else during these trying times.

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