The Best Medicine of All by Laura Bradford

The Best Medicine of All by Laura Bradford

We’ve all had those times in life when, because of a job, or traveling, or family stuff, everything beyond the moment at hand is a blur. I know that certainly describes me the past few months.

That’s why, while heading home from a recent book signing in Lancaster County, I let my heart take me on a quick—but oh so needed—detour through Amish Country. And honestly, the moment I did, I was hit with this incredible sense of peace… For right there, in front of me, was everything I love about this area and its people.

As I came around a corner on one of my favorite backroads, I saw one of those almost “pick-up” style buggies with room for two (maybe three) passengers inside, and a spot in the back to haul things. Only on this day, that spot in back held three little ones, bundled up in winter coats and a blanket, facing me. I waved…they smiled…and it was just what I needed in that moment.

No one was coming in the other direction, so I had ample time to get around the buggy and continue on my way, but I didn’t. Because that moment, that experience, was exactly what I needed it to be. It reminded me to slow down, to savor the cold winter sun, and to just breathe.

We’ll call that moment Reason #5000-And-Something as to why I love Amish Country.

Now, tell us about a moment you’ve had in Amish Country that gave you exactly what you needed when you needed it most…


Laura Bradford is the national bestselling author of An Amish Mystery series, as well as the Emergency Dessert Squad Mysteries, and the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries (the latter written as Elizabeth Lynn Casey). In addition to her work in mysteries, Laura also pens Amish-based women’s fiction novels. Her latest, A Daughter’s Truth, released in May and is a Fall 2019 Book Club Pick for Mary Janes Farm Magazine.

To learn more about Laura and her books, visit her website: On Facebook? So is Laura:

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2 thoughts on “The Best Medicine of All by Laura Bradford

  1. A great reminder for all to slow down and enjoy the moment. I can’t wait to visit and see first hand a slower pace of life.

  2. Every moment I spend in Lancaster County is my peaceful time. I just love to drive the back roads and stop at out of the way farm stands and Amish stores.

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