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Stay-at-Home by Lizzie Bender

Despite the stay-at-home order in Indiana, we are putting it to as good of use as possible. Just the other day, we managed to sow oats and get them to market. Additionally, we’ve spent several afternoons fixing fencing and painting the barn. It’s actually rather nice to be at home for a while without interruptions from the outside world.

However, that is not the purpose of this stay-at-home order.

How strange to not hear horse and buggies clomping down the road at the end of our lane! How sad it is to have no visitors on Saturday evenings or after church on Sunday. Speaking of church, I’m beginning to miss even the preacher’s sermons (and I’ve never been quite taken with his manner of oration!).

Unfortunately, when the oats were picked up by the delivery service—arranged by the bishop so that his church members did not need to travel—we learned that not everyone is taking the stay-at-home order with as much seriousness as they should.

Come, my people, enter your chambers, and shut your doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until the fury has passed by.
Isaiah 26:60

While I miss the socializing, I am happy to obey this command. It keeps us safe and, as long as I can garden some, I’m perfectly content. We are fortunate in that regard.

Unfortunately, our neighbor down the road, Glenda Miller, has not been as fortunate. Just this morning, we received a phone call that her aendi, Polly Mullet, has taken ill after testing positive with COVID-19. From what we learned, she started feeling poorly about three or so weeks back—before the March 26th order to stay home. She’d been visiting her grands over near Shipshewana. Glenda mentioned that they’d stopped at a diner on the return trip. Just a few short days later, she had headaches and then a slight fever. When she began coughing, her husband, Thomas, took her to the doctor.

She never came home again.

What a sad way for one’s final days. I would hate to think of passing alone in a hospital, no family surrounding me.

We are all praying for her, the entire family.

We are praying for our entire community, too.

And we are staying home for as long as we can, even after the Englischers’ say it’s okay to leave.

Home is the safest and happiest place to be, with or without this virus.



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