Sometimes Simple is Best

Sometimes Simple is Best By Beverly Farr

Part of the appeal of an Amish lifestyle is beauty in simplicity. I love looking at photos of pristine white farmhouses and red barns and solid color clothes hanging on a line. The order and regularity of the lifestyle brings a sense of security and peace to me, as an observer and author of Amish Romances.

This principle is particularly important when it comes to food. We’ve all eaten meals that were thrown together, eaten on the run or out of bag, and no matter what the quality of ingredients, it is just not as satisfying as a sitting down to a simple meal with one’s family. I think that eating the family dinner meal together (supper for the Amish) is very important for family unity.

As I have been reading Amish cookbooks, I have come across many recipes that were family favorites for me as I was growing up.

One of these recipes is for Creamed Eggs on Toast. This is a meal that my mother used to make for dinner and my Dad called them “Eggs a la goldenrod” because my mother would reserve the yolks and grate them over the creamed eggs to make the dish a little more elegant. My dad thought the Egg yolks looked like goldenrod. I was an adult before I realized that other people used that term, too. I thought my Dad made it up.

Here’s the basic recipe for Creamed Eggs (serves 4)

8 hard-boiled eggs, pealed
White sauce (3 cups hot milk, 6-8 T butter, 6-8 T flour, salt – to taste)
Bread, toasted for serving.

Now, I love a white sauce and I usually make it in my Vitamix, buzzing it all up and the heat of the Vitamix cooks it, but Amish cooks would make it over the stove, first melting the butter in the pan (medium heat), adding the flour and stirring it until it is well blended as a roux or paste. Then slowly add the milk. I like the milk to already be hot so there is less chance of it making lumps, etc. I also use a wire whip when I make a white sauce over the stove. As the liquid heats up, eventually the flour thickens, making the milk more the consistency of gravy.

Once the white sauce is ready, dice up the boiled eggs and stir them into the white sauce. This is then poured over the toast. Then grate the egg yolks with a cheese grater and sprinkle that yellow goodness over the top.

And if you are lucky enough to have homemade or Artisan bread for the toast (or French baguettes) it is even better! (And FYI, I can write dozens of blog posts on the joys of Bread!)


This is a hearty and satisfying dish that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner – In an Amish kitchen or in yours. Food doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate to be beautiful. I often believe that simple foods, lovingly prepared are the most beautiful.

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