Pure and Simple by Patricia Davids

For the Amish, purity is very important. Not only in their relationship with God, but in their relationships with each other as well. So how do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with innocence and purity? The Amish have figured it out and I have to say, I find it very sweet. For the younger children, celebrating Valentine’s Day is much the same as it is for English children. They exchange homemade goodies, candies, and handmade cards. The only difference is these valentines gifts don’t express such things as “Be mine” or “Can I be your Valentine” or any other phrases that the Amish feel might promote un-pure intentions.

The older teens, single young adults, or unmarried couples often get together for Valentine’s parties or gatherings and play games and exchange small personal gifts if they are courting. Even the older married adults find a way to celebrate with their special someone having a nice dinner at home or dinner at another couple’s home. They’ll even go on outings with their married friends, whether it’s a sleigh ride or carriage ride and weather permitting maybe even a picnic. Personally, I find this approach to celebrating a holiday devoted to love as a breath of fresh air. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about the biggest box of chocolates, the prettiest flowers or even the shiniest diamond. It can be a day of spending quality time with someone you hold dear, pure and simple. Wishing you the sweetest Valentine’s Day.

USA Today Bestselling author Patricia Davids grew up on a Kansas farm with four brothers. After college she began a wonderful career as a nurse. In 1973 Pat wrote a letter to a lonely sailor. Little did she know her talent with words would bring her love, marriage and motherhood.

An avid reader, Pat longed to write a book, but put her dream on hold as she raised a family and worked in an NICU. It wasn’t until 1996 that she began writing seriously. Today, Pat enjoys crafting emotionally satisfying romances where love and faith bring two people together forever.

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