Lizzie by Sarah Price

Meet Lizzie Bender, New Amish Fiction Author

I’m glad that spring is here, even if we are all supposed to stay at home. Truly, not much has changed for us except that there are no more youth gatherings or Sunday singings.

For me, I much prefer to be at home. Despite the weather, I’ve been planning the garden. Later this week, when the temperature in Blue Mill reaches the high 50s, I’m going to see if my bruder, Jacob, will help spread some manure into the soil. Nothing like good preparation to see a bountiful garden come summer.

And, of course, I’ve been helping in the dairy. My youner schweister Katie isn’t partial to milking the cows, something else that’s fine by me. If only Mamm would permit my older schweister, Jane, to come out and help, I’d be perfectly content with the arrangement. I know it’s hard for Daed to manage this entire farm with only one sohn.

Plus, we have the empty farm. The one just over the hill and toward the east. Daed grew up there and, when he married Mamm, he bought our farm. They all thought that one of Daed’s bruders would take over the old family farm.

But none of them did.

So Daed inherited it.

Mamm tried to convince him to sell it. Multiple times.

“God don’t make no more land,” Daed always said to her. “And we’ve three dochders. Might come in handy one day when they marry.”

Whenever Daed says that, Mamm swoons as if she’s going to faint. It’s her blight of her existance that neither Jane nor I are married off. Well, perhaps just Jane. That’s the main reason Mamm won’t let her work outside for she doesn’t want her oldest dochder to get freckled skin or rough hands.

Only I know the big secret about the farm next door. Or, rather, that there is a secret about the farm next door. Daed hasn’t shared it with me, for he doesn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but no one else knows that something is brewing.

That’s the type of relationship that I have with Daed. Of all the Bender kinner, I am the most like Daed, and that’s fine by me. Poor Katie is just like Mamm and Jane? She’s somewhere in-between them.

I hear Mamm calling for me so I best finish this letter—or blog, as Sarah Price called it. I’m quite pleased to be able to share stories from Blue Mill, although I suspect I know why Sarah wants them. I’ve read her other books and I even know some of the women she’s written about. I suspect I’ll be seeing a story about Blue Mill in her future…although I’m not quite sure what could possibly be so exciting about Blue Mill, Indiana!

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Lizzie An Amish Christian RomanceAt long last, a new book by bestselling author, Sarah Price, one of America’s all-time favorite leading writers of Amish Christian romance novels.

In the sleepy Amish community of Blue Mill, there aren’t many eligible bachelors for the three Bender daughters. So, when spring arrives bringing news that an unmarried young Amish man is relocating from Clearwater and renting the farm next door, Susan Bender begins planning the “imminent” wedding for one of her two eligible daughters.

But Christopher Burkholder doesn’t arrive alone. His older friend and mentor, Phineas Denner, and Christopher’s sister, Cynthia, accompany him.

After an unpleasant encounter with Phineas at a church singing, Lizzie takes an instant dislike to him for she finds him too judgmental of others, including herself. But when disaster strikes Blue Mill, she is forced to work alongside him and she begins to learns that first impressions are not often correct.

Unfortunately, Phineas must return to his farm in Clearwater at the end of the month. With his attention piqued and her attitude changed, is it enough time for romance to bloom?

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