Meet Beverly Farr

Meet Beverly Farr!

Beverly FarrI have been reading and writing romances all my life. I started by reading Jane Austen when I was about twelve, then I read Georgette Heyer and Barbara Cartland. Then I started reading the sweet Harlequins. By the time I was in high school, I was sitting in class with a book hidden on my lap. I suppose teenagers now can read books on their kindle apps on their phones! I love reading romances because I want everyone to get their happily ever after.

During this time, I was also writing manuscripts – mostly beginnings 😊 – and I started submitting short stories to magazines and novels to Harlequin, etc. when I was in college. My stories were on the sweeter/PG rated side, and eventually most publishers wanted something steamier, so eventually I just wrote for myself.

I also graduated from law school, worked for the Department of Justice, married a man who looks like Sam Elliott (my teenage crush) and had three children.

A few years ago, I decided to self-publish, so here I am now with 29 books and three pen names. Beverly Farr (my maiden name) for my clean and clever contemporary romances, Jane Grix for my Jane Austen Variations and Cass Grix for my fairy tale Jane Austen Variations.

So why am I writing Amish Romances now?

Well, frankly, it’s all Sarah Price’s fault. I met Sarah at a Jane Austen Convention about two years ago and on the way home, I started reading Plain Fame on the plane. I was hooked. I wanted to learn more about Amanda and Alejandro and the Amish culture.

I already knew a little about the Amish. When I was in college, my parents lived in Ohio and I visited the Amish communities there several times. I admire their commitment to their faith and raising their families in a Godly way. God and Family come first for me, too. I took time off from my law career to raise and homeschool my three children (two with special needs). My husband and I are both active participants in our church, often teaching classes, singing in the choir, etc. When my children were older, I returned to my law practice, this time as an Immigration Attorney. I continued to write and publish my romances and eventually I decided to write full time – which is a dream come true for me.

Although I am not Amish, I am finding many of things that are important to them are important to me as well.

I think the world needs more romances with characters who are striving to do what is right. I believe that faith in God makes for stronger marriages and happier families. My romances have always had characters who mention God and prayer when it was part of the story, so writing Amish Romances, although a new genre to me, feels right.

To new beginnings!


Approaching PlainAbout Approaching Plain:

Weary of her fast-paced life as a successful pop singer, Rose Michelson comes to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, looking for something more. She is charmed by the Amish community and one Amish farmer. His quiet strength speaks to her, offering refuge.

Abel Wendt has never found an Englische woman so appealing, but he knows his duty to his family. His life, his future, is plain. Although he is tempted, Rose is not for him.

But then an accident brings them together in a way that turns their worlds upside down…

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