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Like the Amish by Laura Bradford

For me, the start of a new year means a chance to slow things down for a few moments and really take stock of where you’d like to go/what you’d like to achieve next.

Of course, the usual suspects invariably end up on my list; things I’d like to accomplish (work-wise), financial goals that need to be met, and even ways to better myself. But in my haste to try new things, meet new milestones, hit certain targets, I run the risk of missing out on the quiet little moments that make up a life every bit as much as the loud, sparkly ones.

So this year, I’m looking to the Amish for part of my hopes for the coming year…

I want to spend time walking each day.
I want to roll up my sleeves and make some homemade bread this year, just because.
I want to write real letters to far away friends.
I want to bypass the television after a long day of writing and, instead, read or play a game.
I want to invite friends over to share a meal once a month.

What’s on your list of goals for yourself this coming year?


Laura Bradford is the national bestselling author of An Amish Mystery series, as well as the Emergency Dessert Squad Mysteries, and the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries (the latter written as Elizabeth Lynn Casey). In addition to her work in mysteries, Laura also pens Amish-based women’s fiction novels. Her latest, A Daughter’s Truth, released in May and wass a Fall 2019 Book Club Pick for Mary Janes Farm Magazine. For more information, visit:

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2 thoughts on “Like the Amish by Laura Bradford

  1. I’m going to mindfully focus each day on eating to keep my blood sugar under 100.
    I’m going to continue to lose weight so that I’ll weigh 115 pounds by Christmas 2020 by continuing to eat in a healthy way that helps me keep my blood sugar under 100.
    I’m going to return to the practice of Tai Chi.
    I’m going to reduce the time I spend watching acornTV, BritBox and amazon prime video so I can read at least one book a month because each book I’ve read has taught me a lesson that has been of value to me. Each book about the Amish is a treasure trove of good examples.
    I’m going to mindfully do my job as a paralegal for the entire year so I can learn as much as possible about handling various legal issues.
    Each intention supports all of my intentions.

  2. Sounds good. Make more time for talking to my mom who’s 89. It seems like time goes so fast. I’m always busy. She was born in 1930 and I’m sure there’s alot I never heard yet. My mom loves Amish books alot.

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