An Unexpected Amish Romance by Patricia Davids

It’s Feb-burr-ary by Patricia Davids

Hello from Patricia Davids.

February is here, and unless you are blessed to live in a warmer state, it’s here with a vengeance for many. February comes with bitter cold, dangerous wind chills and unforgiving winter storms. Here in Kansas it’s cold with a biting wind that seeks out every gap in this old farmhouse I call home. I do not envy folks in the northern states where wind chills and temps make my weather seem like t-shirt weather. However, one of the few things February has going for it is Valentine’s day. How about we get a head-start on all those warm and fuzzy feelings associated with Valentine’s day.

Okay, Sugar may not look happy with her pink hearts at the moment, but I promise her tail was wagging shortly after this photo was taken. Happy Valentines Day from both of us.


Another warm fuzzy is from my publisher. Harlequin is releasing a new 2-in-1 this February and I’m paired up with the amazing Jan Drexler. The 2-in-1 features my re-release An Unexpected Amish Romance, along with Jan Drexler’s The Amish Nanny’s Sweetheart.

An Unexpected Amish Romance; After a broken engagement, Helen Zook is embracing her independence-starting with a new job working for carpenter Mark Bowman. Sparks fly as Helen immediately butts heads with her handsome yet gruff boss, whose complicated past makes him hesitant to plant roots in Bowmans Crossing. But Helen’s eccentric aunt and a matchmaking basset hound have their own plans for Helen and Marks’s future.

The Amish Nanny’s Sweetheart; As nanny for her nephew, Judith Lapp’s finally part of a vibrant, joyful Amish community instead of living on the outskirts looking in. But teaching her neighbors’ Englischer farmworker to read Pennsylvania Dutch wasn’t part of her plan. And the more time she spends with Guy Hoover, the more he sparks longings for a home and family of Judith’s own.

Okay, I have to ask. Do you dress up your pets for the holidays? Tell me about your favorite pet costume.

USA Today Bestselling author Patricia Davids grew up on a Kansas farm with four brothers. After college she began a wonderful career as a nurse. In 1973 Pat wrote a letter to a lonely sailor. Little did she know her talent with words would bring her love, marriage and motherhood.

An avid reader, Pat longed to write a book, but put her dream on hold as she raised a family and worked in an NICU. It wasn’t until 1996 that she began writing seriously. Today, Pat enjoys crafting emotionally satisfying romances where love and faith bring two people together forever.

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3 thoughts on “It’s Feb-burr-ary by Patricia Davids

  1. Your Sugar is adorable in her hearts! I sometimes get patterned bandannas for holidays to put on my dogs. Happy Valentines Day!

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