An Interview with Belle Beiler

An Interview with Belle Beiler by Sarah Price

belleSarah: Belle, I’m so thrilled that you agreed to be interviewed for Amish Fiction Authors blog. Can you tell everyone a little bit about you and where you are from?

Belle: Danke, Sarah, for having me on the blog. For those of your readers who don’t know me, my name is Belle and I live in a small, rural Amish community in Echo Creek. The largest nearby town is Liberty Falls. I’ve lived here for most of my life.

Sarah: I understand that your father is rather interesting.

Belle: (laughs) He’s an inventor. He’s currently working on a new type of grill that using a pulley system to raise and lower the grill onto the flames.

Sarah: Ooo. Cooking steaks over a wood fire? Sounds yummy.

Belle: Hopefully it works this time.

Sarah: What do you love most about Echo Creek?

Belle: Great question. Personally, I love the fact that there aren’t too many tourists and the community is basically all Amish. Without the infiltration of technology and other modern advances, it’s so much easier to live closer to God. I also love how quaint it is. In fact, the people are, for the most part, easy going and kind, eager to live their lives and help each other.

Sarah: You said for the most part. Care to elaborate?

Belle: Well, no one is perfect. And sometimes people forget their good Christian values, especially when it comes to people who are different.

Sarah: Different?

Belle: Ja, different. And I noticed that some people have a propensity to gossip which I don’t think God appreciates.

Sarah: (laughs) Nor the people being gossiped about.

Belle: Exactly. Anyway, I have some good friends in Echo Creek: Ella, Sadie, and even Rose. We’ve known each other forever. Ella’s stepmother runs the general store in town so I see Ella more than the others since I do all of the shopping for my family.

Sarah: You mentioned your friends. Do you have any special friends?

Belle: (blushes) You’ll just have to read the book to find out.

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One thought on “An Interview with Belle Beiler by Sarah Price

  1. I truly enjoyed the book. Belle was a wonderful heroine and Adam was my favorite kind of hero. I don’t read a lot of Amish fiction but I’m really glad I had the opportunity to get lost in this story.
    Nice interview, Sarah, It’s good to get an inside look at a charming character.

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