Individuality and Fairy Tales by JEB Spredemann

Although the Amish are known for their uniformity in dress, transportation, etc., they do have ways to express their individuality. For example, a woman might express herself in the kitchen by trying out new recipes or using different ingredients. Her individuality may come out in the colors she chooses for the quilts she makes or the variety of flowers she grows. Those within the Amish community who enjoy writing (scribes) might express themselves by writing articles for The Budget or Family Life or one of the other popular Amish publications. And those who possess other artistic abilities might draw pictures for coloring books.

I think the varying gifts that God gives to each of us are wonderful. It is what makes us different. One of the ways I’ve discovered this lately was when reading Sarah Price’s books, Belle (An Amish Retelling of Beauty and the Beast) and Ella (An Amish Retelling of Cinderella). I enjoy fairy tales—especially when put into an Amish context for adults.

I had a sweet reader contact me after she’d seen one of Sarah’s books. This reader had read one of my Amish ‘Fairy’ Tale books (either Cindy’s Story or Rosabelle’s Story) a couple of years ago and was worried that my idea had been stolen. I smiled to myself and reassured her that it is very common for authors to have the same idea. The difference is in the telling of the story.

I wasn’t worried one bit. Why? Because I know that God made each of us different. It is perfectly reasonable and possible that two people can take the same idea and come up with two totally different stories, which is what Sarah and I have done. It’s perfectly reasonable to be able to tell the same story well, yet tell it differently.

And that’s what I love about individuality.

Have you had the opportunity to read mine and Sarah’s fairy tale books? If you enjoy Amish romances, I’m confident you will enjoy these books as well!

As always, thanks for reading!


J.E.B. Spredemann
Different Amish Fiction

P.S. My Amish ‘Fairy’ Tale series has recently been repackaged into a 2-in-1 collection, available in paperback and ebook. The individual books are available in audiobook.

By the goodness and grace of GOD, Readers’ Favorite GOLD & SILVER Medal Book Award Winner J.E.B. Spredemann, Author of the beloved Amish by Accident and Amish Secrets series, was born and raised in California and now resides in beautiful southern Indiana Amish country. Amish by Accident (by J. Spredemann) was first released in November 2012, and the author held a steady spot in Amazon’s Top 100 Authors in Religion & Spirituality, topping out at #4. Find J.E.B. on Facebook or visit

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31 thoughts on “Individuality and Fairy Tales by JEB Spredemann

  1. Yes, I have read the first 2 of Sarah’s fairytale books. Looking forward to reading yours. I think it is a brilliant idea.

  2. I loved Cinderella and still do. I am 64 so for along time. Just the romance of the story and knowing the right girl won.

  3. Mine would have to be Cinderella because no matter how badly she was treated she still loved them. Yes she was in a sense a slave but she still found joy in her daily life and she dreamed and hoped for something better.

  4. I Love Fairy Tales, of course, Cinderella is my fave. Enjoy retelling of this fairy tale. Especially, an old movie “Cinderfella” instead of a girl…its a guy! Jerry Lewis is Cinderella. 😀

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