Hills of Wheat by Sarah Price

Hills of Wheat by Sarah Price

At the end of March and for all of April, one of my favorite books that I wrote, Hills of Wheat, will be available in Walmart.


This was my second Amish romance that I wrote eight years ago. I’m so excited that a publisher, Harlequin, bought it.

The two main characters, Sylvia Lapp and Jake Edwards, are my favorite couple besides my Plain Fame characters, Amanda and Alejandro. Both sets of characters fall in love despite very unusual backgrounds and situations.

But there is more to it than that.

It’s the romance.

Isn’t that why we read Amish romances? It’s definitely why I write them.

I love romance. Real romance that defies the odds. Sylvia is a young Amish woman and Jake is an Englischer. He used to work in the finance district in Manhattan and moves to Lancaster County to live a simpler life. But can you really take the Manhattan out of a man?

Jake is witty and kind. His tenderness toward Sylvia is definitely romantic. And she isn’t quite sure how to handle that.

You see, from my experience, the Amish people have a different idea about romance. It’s simple. But there is nothing simple about Jake.

One of my Amish friends told me how her husband bought her a Jersey cow after they were married. The family farm only had Holsteins. His mother was not happy about this. It seemed a bit prideful to her. But her son loved Anna so much that he bought her the cow. To this day, they have eighty Holsteins and always just one Jersey cow.

I think that’s romantic. Anna still blushes and gets a look of adoration for her husband when she talks about it.

I really hope you enjoy this limited edition of Hills of Wheat. Let me know what you think and please send me photos to post when you find it in Walmart.

Hugs and blessings,

Sarah P.

Sarah Price is the author of the Plain Fame series and the Amish of Ephrata series, among other books. She comes from a long line of devout Mennonites, and her writing reflects accurate and authentic stories based upon her own experiences with several Amish communities. Visit her at sarahpriceauthor.com and on Facebook.

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