Happy New Year by Sarah Price

Well, the holidaze is over and it’s time to get ready for the exciting world of Amish in 2018.

I can hardly wait to share all of the good things that are coming your way. Dust off your readers and heat up some tea. It’s reading time!

Over the past year or so, I’ve been really busy. Besides writing books that already published such as Belle (isn’t the large print edition cover beautiful?!) and Heavenly Blues, I’ve been preparing for 2018. This year, six of my original novels will be hitting the shelves in a Walmart exclusive publishing event starting on January 30th.

My Fairy Tale series continues with Ella hitting the shelves on May 29th. If you haven’t read Belle yet, now is a great time (and please remember to leave a review). On September 25th, Sadie joins the bookshelves (and yes, you can pre-order it now).

Click HERE to pre-order Ella!


On the same day, The Amish Christmas Letters releases. This is a fun, Christmasy book that I wrote with two of my favorite authors of Amish Fiction, Patricia Davids and Jennifer Beckstrand.

Click HERE to pre-order The Amish Christmas Letters!

Finally, The Sugar Cookie Club series, set in Shipshewanna, Indiana, will launch in late Spring with a follow-up Christmas book dropping in early November. This will be a new series that I’ll be developing over the upcoming year or so about four women and their children. The women meet every week to bake sugar cookies (but in reality, they just want an excuse to get together and catch up on the latest gossip). There will be a lot of fun antics and, of course, romance in this series so get ready.

I also have my non-Amish books that will be published such as Rodeo Rage (sequel to Cowgirl Cat) and Shattered Mirror. And, if the stars align, there might be another one or two books dropping.

Phew! I’m tired just writing down all of these upcoming releases!

So, get ready. There is a lot of reading to be done in 2018. And, as always, for all of our Amish Fiction authors, please leave reviews. It really does make our hearts happy. 🙂

Which book are you most excited for?

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13 thoughts on “Happy New Year by Sarah Price

  1. Sarah, I’m so excited to see lots of new books in the future for me to read! I love all your books! Looks like a fun year ahead! The Sugar Cookie Club series sounds awesome! Also looking forward to another in teh Cowgirl Cat series! You are awesome! Thanks for supplying me many new books to read this year! HUGS Sim

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