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Friday’s Feature: Mending Fences Ebook Sale

I have some FUN news to get your weekend started off right. The ebook of Mending Fences is ON SALE for $0.99! If you haven’t read this book, now is the time to grab a copy. Be sure to let your friends know, especially if they love Amish fiction. 🙂

I began wanting to write this adaptation of Romeo and Juliet almost two years ago. It’s a pretty romance with some mystery tossed in. It loosely follows the romantic love story of Romeo and Juliet. The big difference here is that no one drinks poison or engages in sword fighting (ha ha).

The romance between Jane and Reuben springs from a chance encounter at a broken fence. Jane’s cows are always seeking greener pastures, it seems. And, once he meets Jane, so is Reuben. But his grandfather has a thing or two to say about that relationship. You won’t believe what happens when Reuben decides to stand up to him. A family secret is revealed that changes everything. #suspense

Ready to find out what happens with Jane and Reuben? Click HERE to get your copy of Mending Fences!

Mending FencesWhen Jane Miller notices her father’s cows broke through the fence again, she dreads facing their cranky neighbor, Old Man Coblentz. He’s always so grumpy and mean-spirited. So, she tries to clandestinely herd the cows back onto her property when she’s surprised to meet Reuben Troyer, the new hired hand on the Coblentz farm.

Unlike his employer, Reuben is kind, witty, and eager to help her mend the broken fence. What starts out as an accidental meeting has the potential for a new and special friendship.
What neither of them count on how a decades’ old feud between the two Amish families might keep them apart.

With a little detective work and the help of the bishop and a Mennonite woman, Jane and Reuben try to mend the broken fence that has caused.

Sarah Price is the author of the Plain Fame series and the Amish of Ephrata series, among other books. She comes from a long line of devout Mennonites, and her writing reflects accurate and authentic stories based upon her own experiences with several Amish communities. Visit her at and on Facebook.

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