The Amish Quilts of Indiana by Sarah Price

Friday’s Feature: Carolyn’s Quilt by Sarah Price

On February 12, the third book in my series, The Amish Quilts of Indiana, will be released. You can preorder it by clicking HERE.

If you read Annie’s Quilt or Becky’s Quilt, you might remember Carolyn Miller. She didn’t play a huge role in those novels but she did run into a little bit of trouble. This book explores her transformation—from a rather proud young woman to one who is downtrodden and then, thanks to a certain young gentleman, resurrected as a truly righteous and good hearted person. In the beginning of the story, the quilt in her hope chest reminds her of her past. By the end of the novel, the quilt has also transformed into a beacon for her future.

I think we can all agree that there is something magical about Amish Quilts. I recently read a story by Tracy Chevalier in which one of the protagonists is looking at an old tattered quilt and thinking about all of the different fabrics that were cut up and used to make the quilt. Some of the fabrics were from dresses, others from shirts, and still more from old aprons. The character observes (to himself) that the fabrics represent the people and places he left when he moved to Ohio.

That’s a really powerful way to look at a quilt. The fabric isn’t just a material, but instead, each one is a piece of a person or representative of a time in his life. His past. To me, that is what makes quilt so amazing.

My grandmother made many quilts in her lifetime. The last one she made, however, was mine. I remember her having quilting bees, with all of the Mennonite ladies from the community and her church gathered around the large quilting frame and talking as they stitched the quilt. It wasn’t just about quilting but about the camaraderie and friendship that went into making it. I cherish that quilt and, unfortunately, do not use it because of all our dogs. I’d never want one of them to muddy it. 🙁 Seven dogs on a farm runs a high risk of one of them doing just that.

One day I might be able to use it again. It’s a beautiful mauve, cream, and white (bad choice for an animal lover) and fits a large queen sized bed. Back in the days when I only had one small dog, I used the quilt and loved sleeping beneath it. I thought of my grandmother and all of the hours she put into making that quilt for me. In the future, I’ll pass it along to one of my children—the one with the least amount of dogs — ha ha. I hope it becomes a family heirloom and will get passed down to their children.

Sewing love one stitch at a time.

Carolyn's Quilt by Sarah PriceCarolyn Miller was a little too quick in announcing her engagement to Adam Troyer and having a quilting bee for her marriage quilt. Now that he’s called it off, the quilt is hidden away in her hope chest. Carolyn has certainly learned the true meaning of humility. Despite trying to hide from the outside world, her family begin forcing her to leave the house and she finds unexpected friendship in the young women she previously scorned. They, too, encourage her to socialize. Unfortunately, that also means running into Adam, a constant reminder of the mistake she made when she thought he actually cared for her.

Romance is the furthest thing on her mind when Wilson Trautman shows up in her community. The old Carolyn Miller might have swooned over him, but the new, wiser Carolyn Miller has no interest in chasing after him, even if he is extremely handsome and kind. Wilson, however, seems to keep appearing whenever Carolyn needs a protector. Will she let down her guard long enough to give him a chance or has her past experience ruined any possibility of future romance in her life?

Sarah Price is the author of the Plain Fame series and the Amish of Ephrata series, among other books. She comes from a long line of devout Mennonites, and her writing reflects accurate and authentic stories based upon her own experiences with several Amish communities. Visit her at and on Facebook.

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  1. When I downloaded a copy of Carolyn’s Quilt to my Kindle, I received a copy of Annie’s Quilt. I tried purchasing the book a couple of times, but still do not own a copy. Please let me know how I can receive a copy of Carolyn’s Quilt.

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