An Amish Betrayal

Friday’s Feature: An Amish Betrayal by J.E.B. Spredemann

David King has always had a heart for Der Herr and His people. So when the bishop’s pretty daughter shows an interest in him, he’s happy to begin a special friendship with her. David and Michaela forge a happy life together…until that life no longer exists. Can David move beyond his mistakes and failures? Will his faith in Gott sustain him for the trials he must face?

Beth Shetler is content in her marriage. When her husband, Uri, suggests that they move to another Amish district in Pennsylvania, she agrees. Everything is wonderful in their Lancaster Amish district…until it isn’t. Can Beth escape her doubts and fears and find the joy she longs for?

A story of temptation and tragedy, and God’s overcoming grace. An Amish Betrayal is one book you won’t soon forget. Available in paperback and ebook format.


Beth Shetler awoke with a start. Her hand flew to her chest, willing the horses that charged within to cease their galloping. Her gaze fluttered around the quiet bedroom, shrouded in darkness, as her heartbeat slowed to normal. She moved her hand over the quilt and felt the place next to her. Uri slept on his side facing away from her, soft snores escaping as he indulged in peaceful rest.

Good, it was only a dream.

She laid back down and snuggled close to her husband, slipping her arm between his side and his strong arm. He instinctively pulled her hand close to his chest, all the while continuing to snore.

It was times like this she didn’t mind living in one of the smaller houses in their Amish district. It was still a two-story home but it only had three bedrooms – the master bedroom in the upper loft and two smaller bedrooms below. It was a lovely home as far as rentals go, for sure and for certain, but if she and Uri were to ever have a large family with a lot of kinner, they’d need more room.

But that hadn’t happened yet. And only Der Herr knew if it ever would.

Ach, but she longed for a boppli.

They’d eventually need to purchase a place of their own. With Uri’s current salary, that wasn’t likely to happen any time soon. Not that he didn’t get paid a decent wage, he did. It just seemed to be taking forever to meet their goals.

But that was okay. She hadn’t married for money, she’d married for love.

She pressed her lips against his back and inhaled the familiar scent that exclusively belonged to her beloved. Indeed she’d been blessed with one of the strongest men of the community. And he wasn’t too bad to look at either. Strong in body and spirit with unmatched integrity.

Except for maybe the Bishop, David King. David possessed all those qualities and more, and he was the leader of their people. The perfect leader, some would say. He always knew how to guide the community. He led with authority and grace and he obviously had God’s blessings on his life. His large ranch and house evidenced that. He owned the finest horses – the finest of everything, actually. He was kind and compassionate. He was truly God’s man.

But she wouldn’t think of him right now, even though that proved difficult in light of her dream. Why was he in it? And what could it possibly have meant? And what of her husband, Uriah?

Thank you, Lord. Thank you that Uri is still here by my side. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

She gently loosened her hand from Uri’s grip and turned over on her side. She took a deep breath, her eyelids finally draping shut. Hopefully, her sleep would remain uninterrupted until morning.

And their handsome bishop would stay out of her dreams.

By the goodness and grace of GOD, Readers’ Favorite GOLD & SILVER Medal Book Award Winner J.E.B. Spredemann, Author of the beloved Amish by Accident and Amish Secrets series, was born and raised in California and now resides in beautiful southern Indiana Amish country. Amish by Accident (by J. Spredemann) was first released in November 2012, and the author held a steady spot in Amazon’s Top 100 Authors in Religion & Spirituality, topping out at #4. Find J.E.B. on Facebook or visit

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