Finding Peace in Amish Country by Tracy Fredrychowski

If you’ve ever driven through Amish Country you know there’s something special in the air. There is a sense of calmness and peace that gets embedded in your soul. You don’t hear traffic noises or watch people walk with their heads down living through their phones. You see children playing, men hard at work, women tending to their gardens and beautiful fields and pastures filled with livestock.

Recently we drove across country to visit family in Wisconsin, and I got to spend time in a few Amish communities I had never visited before. I was amazed at how each one of them felt the same. We stopped at a roadside vegetable stand in Elkhart County, Indiana and I visited with an Old Order Mennonite woman. She was the sweetest person I met all week. She shared with me her love story which was priceless and the highlight of my visit. (Who knows her story just might be the setting for a new book.)

Many of us live hectic lives and yearn for the kind of simplicity we feel the Amish have mastered. Their ability to stay separate from the world is appealing, and many of us find ourselves looking for ways to slow down and feel that kind of peace. In the following short story, I invite you to come to take a ride to Amish County and listen in on a conversation similar to one I had with one of my Amish friends recently. You’ll be surprised at the advice Sarah gives her English friend Savannah.

Who knows you might find a few ways you can incorporate some Amish Peace into your life.



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*Featured photo image by Jim Fisher*

Tracy Fredrychowski, country girl, author, homesteader and everything simple living shares her love for the written word here on The Amish Lifestyle.

Growing up in Northwest Pennsylvania I spent my childhood immersed deep in Amish Country.  The clip-clop of horse and buggies woke me each morning as Amish men drove past my parent’s home on their way to the lumber mill to work. As a young teenager, I was traumatized by an Amish murder that involved my family and changed my life forever. (If you want to read about it, please read Crimson Stain by Jim Fisher and take note that Jake, who was an essential part of that true story was my uncle.) 

My life has always been intertwined with the Amish culture, and it’s only fitting that I have a genuine passion for their simplicity, sense of community and God-centered life.

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