Farm Life

Farm Life by Lizzie Bender

The other day, Sarah Price posted the first chapter from her upcoming book , Lizzie. It was the first time I had read any part of the manuscript. I must confess that it felt odd to be reading about myself. On the other hand, the sweet descriptions of Daed’s farm, especially his secret spot in the hayloft, really made me smile. It was as if I were there, sitting on a hay bale and talking with Daed. The smell of hay filled my senses as if I were climbing that ladder to the loft once again.

Ja, that hayloft was special. It has always been the one place where we were able to talk without risk of interruption from Mamm or my younger schwester, Katie. They always want to be part of the gossip in the community, a hunger that Daed and I try to avoid feeding into. Neither one of them would ever venture up there: Mamm hates heights and Katie spiders.

Even though Daed has Jacob, my older bruder, we have a special relationship. Mayhaps it’s the way we can talk about farming. Jacob prefers to talk about other things, not field rotation and fertilizing fields. Daed and I could talk for hours about ways to improve the yield of crops and dairy output from the cows.

A few years back, we even came up with an irrigation system to bring water from the stream to the top of the hill where he usually planted hay. Jacob wasn’t so interested in the engineering aspects of pumping water to a higher elevation. Daed and I, however, found it fascinating to create a design, build it, and see the successful implementation.

Our hay yields have been twice as bountiful anymore. Not only do we cut and bale hay for our own herds, now Daed can even sell some at market.

Ja, reading that first chapter sure brought back a lot of memories. I sure hope other people will find it as interesting as I did.


Lizzie An Amish Christian RomanceIn the sleepy Amish community of Blue Mill, there aren’t many eligible bachelors for the three Bender daughters. So, when spring arrives bringing news that an unmarried young Amish man is relocating from Clearwater and renting the farm next door, Susan Bender begins planning the “imminent” wedding for one of her two eligible daughters.

But Christopher Burkholder doesn’t arrive alone. His older friend and mentor, Phineas Denner, and Christopher’s sister, Cynthia, accompany him.

After an unpleasant encounter with Phineas at a church singing, Lizzie takes an instant dislike to him for she finds him too judgmental of others, including herself. But when disaster strikes Blue Mill, she is forced to work alongside him and she begins to learns that first impressions are not often correct.

Unfortunately, Phineas must return to his farm in Clearwater at the end of the month. With his attention piqued and her attitude changed, is it enough time for romance to bloom?

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