Amish Faith by Sarah Price

Excerpt: Amish Faith by Sarah Price

Have you found a copy of Amish Faith at your local Walmart? Fans are starting to post pictures which I LOVE (photo is from a dear Facebook friend)! I can’t wait for everyone to start reading all about Faith Landes and Rebecca Yoder. Here’s a bit about Amish Faith and an excerpt:

Faith Landes and Rebecca Yoder were friends from a young age. The one was raised Mennonite while the other was raised Amish. Despite the differences in their upbringing, they remain life-long “bestest” friends. When tragedy strikes, a promise made in their youth is put to the test with the guiding hand of Rebecca. This remarkable story explores a once-in-a-lifetime friendship that changes lives throughout the Amish community.

Faith stood at the graveyard, the cold wind whipping through her black shawl. She stood with her hand resting protectively upon her stomach as she stared at the tombstone. It was bland. Just a simple stone with no special wording: a name, date of birth, and date of death. That was it. No designs or markings. No special endearments. The beige-colored grass that grew up alongside the stone only bespoke of the time that had already passed. Not enough to forget but just enough to not always remember.

Death, Faith thought, is as cold as the winter air.

Indeed, it was cold outside, with the wind whipping through her black cape and skirt. But she barely noticed it. Instead, she was wrapped up in the warmth of the memory of her friend: Rebecca Petersheim. The cold winter air that chilled Faith’s bones did nothing to cool the heat of her pounding heart.

Not a day passed without her thinking about Rebecca. To forget her friend was simply impossible. In truth, Rebecca’s presence surrounded Faith’s every second of the day. There were days when she imagined Rebecca standing nearby, smiling in approval at Faith’s life, a life that Rebecca had unknowingly created for her with one simple request.

Yes, it was impossible to forget Rebecca. Yet Faith knew that it was becoming increasingly easy to forget that everything she had was because of Rebecca and that promise made, oh so many years ago! A promise born from innocence and cemented in a time of grief. A promise that, against all odds, Faith had kept. Despite the odds, she realized that it had been more of a gift than a promise, after all.

The sky was overcast and grey. The trees were dark, their bare limbs reaching toward the sky. The perfect backdrop to add to the emotion that Faith was feeling. She glanced up and stared, for just one short moment, at the darkening clouds. It smelled like snow. The year’s first snowfall. She wasn’t looking forward to it, just like she hadn’t been looking forward to visiting Rebecca’s grave either. Perhaps her friend’s death was still too fresh in her memory.

Turning her attention back to the grey stone, she sighed. It was surrounded by others that looked just like it. A field of identical stones that marked the passing of lives. Some of the stones were old and worn out. A few were fresh, too fresh, and spoke of the recent passing of fathers, mothers, and children.

Her eyes studied Rebecca’s stone. The chiseled words seemed so cold and unfriendly. No tender words of endearment that might proclaim that Rebecca had been a beloved wife, a loving mother, a cherished daughter, and a dear friend.

Ten months had passed. Ten long months in which entire worlds had shifted. Without Rebecca, life had changed for so many and in so many ways. Oh, Faith knew she should rejoice in the fact that Rebecca walked with the Lord. But the truth was that she missed her friend. She missed her smile and the energy of her youth, her love and adoration of family as a young woman, wife, and mother, and her strength and determination in her final years.

How had it come to this, she pondered.

Sarah Price is the author of the Plain Fame series and the Amish of Ephrata series, among other books. She comes from a long line of devout Mennonites, and her writing reflects accurate and authentic stories based upon her own experiences with several Amish communities. Visit her at and on Facebook.

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