Do Amish Read Amish Fiction

Do Amish Read Amish Fiction?

One of the questions that I get asked A LOT from my followers and friends is whether or not Amish women read Amish fiction.

The answer to that, quite simply, is YES!

Now, if you had asked me that same question about five years ago, I might have answered differently. At that time, most of my experience with the Amish was limited to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. And almost all of my Amish friends lived on farms. Large farms that required an awful lot of work. Raising large families, tending to enormous herds of dairy cows, cutting acres and acres of hay, and dealing with the different fields of crops meant that women did not have a lot of time for reading. If anything, they read the Bible, devotionals, or the monthly magazine, Family Life.

But a few years back, I learned otherwise. A friend of mine was attending a supper at an Amish house and the women seated around the table began to talk about Amish fiction. The hostess, a woman by the name of Naomi, commented that she enjoyed reading Amish fiction but her favorite book, so far, was (cough cough) Plain Fame written by yours truly.

Let me tell you, I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard this story. You see, I always thought that my general readership was non-Amish Christian women who wanted to read clean and wholesome books that were set in the Amish country. As Christians, they loved the Amish religion (like I do) and as women, they loved the wholesome and clean Amish culture (just like me). But to learn that an Amish woman not only read Amish fiction but loved my Plain Fame book?


Two years ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited to Indiana and met a young Amish woman who also read Amish fiction. She had a personal favorite author and then read one of my books. She, too, was an easy convert. šŸ˜‰

Since that time, I’ve encountered more and more Amish women who do, indeed, read Amish fiction. I love hearing their opinions of the different authors and story lines. Unlike many readers, these women can quickly ascertain which authors know their stuff and which ones do not.

Personally, I’m a stickler for accuracy and when I read other Amish fiction authors who write silly things, I get upset and throw the book (if it’s paperback) across the room–like the time I read about an epitaph on a gravestone in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that read “…dearly beloved daughter, wife, and mother.” Amish do not write such things on their gravestones, at least not in Pennsylvania! A small error that told me a lot about this author.

Anyway, it makes sense that Amish woman read Amish fiction. I enjoy reading different genres and, quite often, read contemporary women’s fiction. So why wouldn’t Amish women read books that are centered in their own communities?

It just goes to prove that you never know what you don’t know until you learn that didn’t know it to begin with. šŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Do Amish Read Amish Fiction?

  1. Thanks Sarah! I had wondered that too but as you explain it does make sense. I can’t wait to see who you bring on here. I too get tired of some fake Amish authors and even I can tell they have no clue with their stories! Love you and all your books. I’m trying to wait patiently for Belle. This weekend I will be reading your Wedding at Shire Hall book. Thank you for all you do! Hugs Sim

  2. Oh my! I would have thought that the automatic response to that question was “no”. I have to confess that I’m impressed to know that Amish women read English books. I don’t know why I thought it would be forbidden or something like that… maybe new order Ordnungs are more likely to have reading ladies? I love Amish stories, I found them by accident and since then I’ve tried to learn about them. I’m Latin American and on this side of the world it is not very common to even know that The Amish community exists. I loved the Plain Fame books, and revisiting my Kindle I just realized that I have read many, many books written by you! Please can you recommend some new/recent stories to read? Also I hope that someday I can travel to the States to visit Pensilvania and see and experience some of the Amish world.

  3. Interesting read. I often wondered about that! I’m glad they do and they’ve got to live your authenticy.
    Got to pick up Shire Hall yet and of course Belle. I wish all of your books came in audio. Getting harder all the time for me to read. Takes me so much longer to get through a book now. Thanks for all your hard work and Hod Bless.

    1. Most of my books published by Waterfall Press DO come in audio. I just started subscribing to AUDIBLE which is GREAT for all of the driving that I do. Maybe more publishers will follow their lead. šŸ˜€

  4. When I was in the Gordon Bookstore, a totally Amish bookstore in the middle of Amish country in PA, their whole store was wholesome and selling Christian readings,… include Amish fiction romance novels!

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