Did You Know? By Laura Bradford

In Holmes County, Ohio, every Amish person who lives there is recorded in a directory. The head of the household and his occupation is listed first, followed by the names of his parents and his birth/marriage dates. Each listing also contains the name of his spouse, the names of her parents, and her birth date. Lastly the name and birth date of their children are listed.

Amish directory

Sheep are often referred to as “Amish Lawnmowers” around Lancaster County.

In many cases, the price of an Amish quilt is based on the time it took to be made.

Amish quilts

That legend has it, the name “whoopee pie” came from the reaction (whoopee!) by Amish men/children to finding the sweet treat in their lunch pails.

Whoopee pies

What’s a fun little fact you’ve learned about the Amish? Share it in the comments below.

Laura Bradford is the national best selling author of the Amish Mysteries, a cozy mystery series set in Lancaster County. The sixth book in the series, Just Plain Murder, will release on November 27th. Laura also penned, Portrait of a Sister, an Amish Women’s fiction novel selected by several national book clubs including Delilah (of radio Delilah). Her next novel, A Daughter’s Truth, will be out in May 2019. For more information:

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  1. I love all the stories you shared! Did not know the about the Directory. That is so interesting to me. The Whoopie pie story is neat to ! Love the quilt, beautiful!!! Thank for sharing those with us.

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