Sadie Moo Cow

Baby Calves by Lizzie Bender

During springtime, one of my favorite chores on the farm is feeding the baby calves. This year, we had six cows give birth and, now it’s up to me to keep them fed, fat, and happy.

Bottle-feeding calves is always fun. Who doesn’t like to have a baby cow hug? One of the little ones, a tiny cream-colored one, has attached herself to me and, when it’s feeding time, calls out as if beckoning me to hurry.

Carrying all those bottles to the pens where they stay requires the use of our old wagon. Bruder Jacob likes to tease me that I’m regressing to my childhood, pulling that rusty wagon behind me. I just ignore him as I know he is just poking fun at me.

Usually, I sit on a little stool that I bring with me and prop the bottle against my shoulder. Otherwise, the calves would knock me down when they butt the bottle. When their faces get covered with frothy milk, I can smell the bold and almost barny odor from the raw milk.

Afterwards, the calves will often lick me, their tongues feeling strange against my skin. I suspect they are lapping up the splatters of milk that splayed from the bottle in their eagerness to suck it all down.

It’s a shame that, eventually, the males will go to slaughter for veal. But at least I know that they lived a good life while in my care. And, thankfully, the little cream colored one that favors me so? She’s a cow and will join our herd when she’s older.

I think I’ll name her Sadie.

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