Attending An Amish Schoolhouse Benefit Supper

Attending An Amish Schoolhouse Benefit Supper by Jennifer Spredemann

One of the advantages to living amongst the Amish is having the opportunity to attend Amish functions. This is something I never had a chance to do while living in California. Benefit dinners are one of my favorite. Last week, one of the nearby communities had a fish fry that our family attended. The week prior, a different Amish district had a chicken dinner. (See photos.) Over the weekend, our neighbors held their semi-annual sale, in which I picked up a few goodies for some of my giveaways. We would have bought baked goods too, but they had sold out. I did, however, pick up some yummy dandelion jelly!

Amish sign

The welcoming committee!

Amish boys

The Amish home where the supper was held.

Amish home and farm

Amish buggy.

Amish Buggy Indiana

Isn’t this little wall hanging adorable? I just might have to hang it up in my writing cottage!

Amish wall hanging

What about YOU? Do you live near any Amish communities? If so, do you have a favorite event that you enjoy attending? I’d love to hear about your experiences! (If you don’t live around any Amish communities, what Amish-related event would you most like to attend if you had the opportunity?)


Jennifer Spredemann

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Jennifer Spredemann (formerly writing as J.E.B. Spredemann) seeks to pen compelling stories that captivate readers and bring glory to GOD. She has authored over two dozen Amish fiction titles in her can’t-put-down writing style, some of which have won awards. She resides in Indiana Amish Country with her family on a former Amish farm where the documentary Breaking the Silence was filmed.

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3 thoughts on “Attending An Amish Schoolhouse Benefit Supper by Jennifer Spredemann

  1. I attended my very first Amish School fund raiser in Huntington, Tn. last week with my Amish friends. I was astounded & felt so at home & at peace amoung the people

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