Amish Statistics – Part 1 by J.E.B. Spredemann

According to MAP Ministry and Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies, the Amish population now numbers above 330,000. This number is expected to double in twenty years. On average, a new district is formed every three and a half weeks.

The Amish reside in the USA, Canada, and South America in 549 settlements within 2,445 individual church districts. In the US, the Amish reside in the following states, listed according to population:

Pennsylvania (514 districts)
Ohio (574 districts)
Indiana (392 districts)
Wisconsin (160 districts)
New York (153 districts)
Michigan (121 districts)
Missouri (103 districts)
Kentucky (95 districts)
Iowa (67 districts)
Illinois (57 districts)
Minnesota (33 districts)
Tennessee (26 districts)
Kansas (17 districts)
Delaware (10 districts)
Maryland (11 districts)
Virginia (9 districts)
Montana (9 districts)
Maine (7 districts)
Oklahoma (7 districts)
Colorado (5 districts)
Nebraska (5 districts)
West Virginia (4 districts)
North Carolina (2 districts)
Mississippi (2 districts)
Arkansas (3 districts)
Wyoming (1 district)
Florida (2 districts)
South Dakota (1 district)
Idaho (1 district)
Texas (1 district)
Vermont (1 district)

I currently live in Indiana, which has the third highest Amish population. However, I was raised in California, where there are none. Do you live in any of the states listed? Have you had any opportunities to interact with an Amish community near you? If you don’t live in one of the above states, have you had a chance to visit any Amish settlements? Where would you like to visit most? Do you prefer to read about Amish in a specific location? Is there a location that you have yet to read about but would like to?

Whew! That’s quite a few questions. I look forward to reading your answers.

J.E.B. Spredemann
Different Amish Fiction


“Who are the Amish?” Mission to Amish People.

“Amish Population Profile, 2018.” Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies, Elizabethtown College.

By the goodness and grace of GOD, Readers’ Favorite GOLD & SILVER Medal Book Award Winner J.E.B. Spredemann, Author of the beloved Amish by Accident and Amish Secrets series, was born and raised in California and now resides in beautiful southern Indiana Amish country. Amish by Accident (by J. Spredemann) was first released in November 2012, and the author held a steady spot in Amazon’s Top 100 Authors in Religion & Spirituality, topping out at #4. Find J.E.B. on Facebook or visit

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3 thoughts on “Amish Statistics – Part 1 by J.E.B. Spredemann

  1. Very interesting statistics. I enjoy reading most Amish genre books, I’ve only found one author who will remain nameless that I didn’t enjoy reading and that was due to vulgar language and insinuations against the Amish. I have enjoyed reading about the different areas of the U.S. That they reside in.

    I live in the far South East corner of TN where TN, NC, and GA meet. We have three small communities within about 50 miles of our home. I go to their farmer markets in the spring thru fall and buy produce. I’ve been to the Lancaster, PA community back in 1987 but it was only for a couple of days and I’m sure it’s grown a lot since then. Our local ones are small and their farmer market is the only commercialism they have, one holds an animal sale once a month and that one has a small building business too.

  2. Didn’t realize the number of Amish districts in New York Or Pennsylvania. Have Amish neighbors where our cottage is.
    Thank you !

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