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Amish Creed by J.E.B. Spredemann

In my book An Amish Blessing, Ruthie is memorizing The Dordrecht Confession of Faith in preparation of her membership and baptism into the Amish church. It is a type of creed, if you will, that many of the Plain denominations are modeled after. Have you ever read through it? I thought it would be fun to post a copy here, in case any of our readers are curious about this document which has been used for hundreds of years, constructed in the 1600s.

Here is a list of the basic tenets. If you click on any one, it’ll lead you to the explanations.

I. Of God
II. Of the Fall of Man
III. Of Restoration
IV. Of the Coming of Christ into This World [first]
V. Of the Law of Christ
VI. Of Repentance
VII. Of Holy Baptism
VIII. Of the Church of Christ
IX. Of . . . Offices . . . in the Church
X. Of the Holy Supper
XI. Of the Washing of the Saints Feet
XII. Of the State of Matrimony
XIII. Of the Office of the Secular Authority 
XIV. Of Revenge
XV. Of the Swearing of Oaths
XVI. Of the Ecclesiastical Ban, or Separation from the Church
XVII. Of Shunning the Separated
XVIII. Of the Resurrection . . . the Last Judgment
Adoption by . . .

If you do read through it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Hope your New Year is filled with great things!


J.E.B. Spredemann

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