Cashton & Tomah Wisconsin

Amish Country Tour – Cashton & Tomah Wisconsin by Tracy Fredrychowski

Among the marshlands filled with cranberries in central Wisconsin live over two hundred Amish families who call Monroe County home. A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of taking a ride through the backroads of this Amish community. The blacktop roads and rolling green hills were littered with dairy farms, lumber mills, and the distinctive green metal roofs that made the perfect backdrop for our country drive.

Monroe County Wisconsin Amish Buggy

As we allowed the buggy etched blacktop roads and road-apples guide our way, we witnessed many Amish men hard at work plowing and cutting hay. More than once we saw the dust their draft horses stirred up long before we saw their straw hats and blue shirts skillfully guiding their team through the fields.

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Tracy Fredrychowski is a country girl, author, homesteader and everything simple living. She has a passion for writing about the simpler side of life, much like the life she lived growing up in rural Pennsylvania.

Her life has always been intertwined with the Amish, and it’s only fitting that she has a genuine passion for their simplicity, sense of community and God-centered lives.

Growing up in Northwest Pennsylvania she spent her childhood immersed deep in Amish Country. The clip-clop of horse and buggy woke her each morning as Amish men drove past her childhood home on their way to work. As a young woman, she was traumatized by an Amish murder that involved a family member and changed her life forever.

Even though she currently lives in South Carolina her travels take her through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin’s Amish Country every year. During those stops, she researches the communities she visits and prides herself on writing Amish fiction that truly represents the Amish culture. She considers herself very fortunate to have made friends in those communities and values the information they share and wants nothing more than to represent their lifestyle as accurately as possible.

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