A Reintroduction to Amanda Beiler

When I was growing up, the bishop always preached that we were not to worry because it indicated a lack of faith in God. But I cannot help from worrying right now as Alejandro is in Miami while the kinner and I are on the farm. He says I should be thankful that we are in Pennsylvania and he has done his best to reassure me that he is taking care of himself.

Still, I worry.

When Sarah Price asked me to start writing blogs for Amish Fiction Authors, I hesitated. After all, I’m not an author, that’s for sure and certain. But, then again, Sarah reminded me of all those hours we sat together, usually over coffee in the mornings on the farm when the kinner were at school, talking about how I met Alejandro and our story.

Our story.

It makes me smile when I think back all those years to when we met, quite by accident, in New York City. How far we have come over the past two-plus decades. How many lives we have lived. And how many times we struggled, trying hard to understand each other.

It wasn’t always easy. His lifestyle had been so very different than mine. Still is, in many ways. True, he surprised me that Christmas over ten years ago by announcing he’d move us back to Pennsylvania. It was a welcomed gift, to be able to raise the kinner among my family and away from the paparazzi and fans that always seemed to know where “Viper” and I were.

It always amazed me how, over the years, their interest in me never faded. So, returning to Lancaster County was truly the best gift that Alejandro ever gave me…apart from the kinner.

While Alejandro is stuck in Miami, I have been helping Anna keep the little ones busy with random chores around the house. Isadora has returned home from college—all college students have been sent home, it appears. We kept her away from Maem for a while, just to be on the safe side. But, as always, Isadora has been happy to spend her days outside, preparing the garden soil for spring planting. She always loved her garden. I’m not quite certain if she’ll be returning when this crisis is over. Alejandro may have been mistaken to encourage her to attend college after all.

If you followed our story, you shouldn’t be surprised that the honor for hardest to tame and keep occupied falls upon my Sofia and Nicolas. She’s in the midst of her rumschpringe right now and eager to explore everything. I can hardly keep her on the farm. Why! Just the other day, she snuck over to visit with Lizzie Lapp! I’m sure that the Lapps were not happy with that! The bishop ordered all of us to stay at home for the time being and that’s what we all agreed to do. Well, everyone except Sofia. I’ll have to watch her closer, I reckon.

So, you can see that I have a lot to worry about. Alejandro being far away and unable to travel home to us and Sofia being far too much of a rebel, feeling that rules do not apply to her. And, of course, praying that this country and world returns to health quickly.

In the meantime, I will think of more stories to write for Sarah and for her readers. I am looking forward to the challenge. It help me ease my fears when I put pen to paper and share my thoughts.

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5 thoughts on “A Reintroduction to Amanda Beiler

  1. Amanda. Thank you and Sarah Price for suggesting and doing this blog for us. It is so nice to be able to catch up with you and your life with Alejandro and the kinners. Please continue blogging and I will keep reading.
    It is so nice knowing you are in Lancaster county Pa as I am also,except on the western most part of the county in Columbia. I enjoy learning more about the Amish community as I am a transplant from Northern KY and did not have any Amish close around where I lived there. I have since learned I had an Amish community not too far from Louisville KY but didn’t know it when I lived in Owenton, KY.
    Again, thanks for blogging and I cannot wait till your story is made into a movie. I know it would be a blockbuster hit.
    Your Friend. Lois

  2. Amanda, so good to hear from you. With all that’s
    going on in the world today, it’s comforting to know that you are on the farm planning your garden . I’m sure there will be many tales to tell us about Sophia and how you and Alejandro handle her running around years. Tell Sarah I said hello.


  3. I just found this while on my cell trying to find something to keep me entertained before watching TV or falling to sleep. I absolutely Love your Plain Fame series. So very glad you are bringing them back to us, I’ve really have missed Amanda and Alejandro and their kinner. So looking forward to reading more. Thank you so much!!!

  4. Thank You, Amanda and Sarah for these updates on your family. I love it, and I wondered how your life on the farm was going.

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